Laurence Geoffrey's, Ltd
Laurence Geoffrey’s, Ltd. has been a purveyor and promoter of fine art in Korea since 1994. To date, it is the only foreign-owned and managed entity in Korea specializing in art and art projects. Our distinguishing service is to improve the perspective of the public on art.

Seeking to expand the exchange of the visual arts beyond all boundaries, we organize diverse types of art projects such as exhibitions in museums, galleries, and public spaces. We make it a priority to promote Korean artists in collaboration with major international organizations and corporations. And we are also the local representative of the Vitra Design Museum.

We are an experienced and professional team with in-depth knowledge about, and enthusiasm for, fine arts. We pride ourselves in our excellent communication, interpersonal, and team management skills. Based on our work experience, broad international network, collaborations with recognized institutions and acclaimed living artists, we are able to offer invaluable advice when responding to the needs of our clients.

Laurence Geoffrey's, Ltd. actively pursues these five main initiatives:

• Consulting on Museum Management and Exhibition Planning
We offer consulting services to art museums, foundations, and institutions in museum management and operations, up to proposing and organizing major museum level exhibitions.
• Consulting on Commercial Exhibitions
To meet the demands of discerning collectors, we offer consultation services to commercial galleries responding to the currents of the international art market. Through our vast network, we are able to recommend excellent art collections and prominent artists.
• Consulting on Corporate Art Marketing
We pursue unique projects for our corporate clients that are specifically designed to enhance their image, recognition, and identity. We especially focus on enriching and upgrading sponsorship policies and programs.
• Consulting on Artists
A primary focus for Laurence Geoffrey’s, Ltd. is to promote and encourage contemporary Korean artists both here in Korea and abroad.
• Consulting on Design Projects and Workshops
As the local representatives of the Vitra Design Museum, we organize their traveling exhibitions, education programs, and customized workshops for the Korean public.
+ Chronology of Major Projects