Borders and Beyond Exhibition
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July 29th - August 24th, 2003
July 28th, 2003 at the Seoul Museum of Art
Seoul Museum of Art
Seoul Museum of Art & Laurence Geoffrey's, Ltd.
Pro Helvetia, Goethe Institut
Embassy of Switzerland, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Poland, NNSC (Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission)
Christoph Rihs
Installation work "Pan"
Christoph Rihs
Detail of Umbrella
Christoph Rihs
Installation Plan
Borders and Beyond was arranged in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Armistice Agreement to provide an opportunity for visitors to consider the issue of separation and the possibilities for reunification.

The exhibition is divided into several sections: documentary photographs of the JSA and DMZ, a photograph collection showing scenes of political and religious conflicts throughout the world, works of art created by Korean artists and a site specific installation by a Swiss artist all in hopes of allowing viewers to rethink the meaning of freedom and peace.
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