Genesis: Works by Ariel Ruiz i Altaba and Yun-Hee Toh
About Exhibition

Black spots, dashes, lines, silhouettes... on a white background. This is Ariel Ruiz i Altaba’s artistic universe. “Minimal Landscapes” – living cosmic dimensions made visible and tangible. Stains of cellular textures, genomes close-ups and human identity captured are this outstanding artist's world. Such deep intersection of art with science springs from his 'other' passion. He is also a scientist and professor at the Department of Genetic Medicine at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Fascinating and sometimes intriguing images give the beholder freedom and space for personal interpretation and involvement. Ruiz i Altaba’s “Minimal Landscapes” in their ingenuous simplicity minimizes the universe to a simple black spot, though giving way to expand that spot to cosmic dimensions. From the particular to the transcendental, by the way of zen. Yun-Hee Toh, the daughter of a renowned Korean scientist and known for her paintings in „Search of Beauty Embedded in the Mysteries and Cycles of Nature – Both Finite and Infinite“ is the perfect match to Ariel’s artistic approach to the similar subjects. In her attempts to move beyond the surface beauty, she searched deep within the cellular realm where an untold number of micro-universes exist. “This microscopic perspective resulted in paintings saturated with the nebulous substance of all living things” In “Genesis” both protagonists unveil and materialize the innermost secrets of the basic elements of existing life. The artist/scientist (Ariel) with his profound knowledge and unique aesthetics on one side; the artist (Toh) on the other, who gives color and shape to her most intimate feelings of what life ultimately is. To bridge the scientific and artistic worlds was the challenge put to Laurence Geoffrey, Ltd and the Swiss Embassy in Seoul. Thanks to the Korea Foundation and its Cultural Center, "Genesis - the project” which has started - a year ago - as a smallest possible cell, has become the symbiotic "Genesis - the Exhibition".

About the Artists
Toh, Yun-Hee

Toh Yun-Hee (b.1961) is an artist who works and lives in Seoul . Along with the readily recognizable and instantly appreciated beauty created in the generative stages of plant life, Toh, Yun-Hee feels there is more depth and greater meaning in finding something beautiful that remains after the life force has begun to wane. In short, beauty is embedded in the mysteries and cycles of nature both finite and infinite and requires people to go beyond the superficial in order to unlock all of its deepest and most sacred manifestations.

In Toh Yun-Hee's works from the mid 1990's, her study of nature was essentially more scientific in forms as she explored the beauty of plant life on a molecular level. In her attempts to move beyond the surface beauty, she searched deep within the cellular realm where an untold number of micro universe exist. However, in Toh Yun Hee's current works, she has become more observant than scientific. Through long observation and contemplation the true energy, rhythm and beauty below the surface begins to emerge. For Toh Yun-Hee, this depth is where the reality of all truth, including self-truth, can be found.

Ariel Ruiz i Altaba

Ariel Ruiz i Altaba (b.1962) is an medical doctor of University of Geneva , Switzerland and an artist who focuses on issues of identity, meaning, boundaries and the intersection of art and science. The serenity and elegance of his photographs often contrasts with the arresting nature of the subjects leading in all cases to the active involvement of the viewer in the development of perceptual truth. His works are an open invitation to linger and participate in the multiples layers of meaning that the images contain, like an antidote to advertisement and propaganda. His art works are in museum and private collection in the US and Europe . He is also a scientist working on stem cells and brain development. He works and lives in Geneva , Switzerland .