Simply Beautiful : Breath of Nature in Korean Contemporary Art

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June 11th - August 20th, 2006 Centre PasquArt, Biel, Switzerland
November 7th - December 31st, 2006 Le Grand Jardin, Joinville, France
Laurence Geoffrey's, Ltd.
Ministry of Culture & Tourism Korea, Embassy of Switzerland in Korea
Exhibition of 12 Korean artists’ various forms of art works(paintings, sculptures, photographs) which show
international and contemporary touches inspired by the nature

Bae, Bien-U
Pine Tree Series
c-print mounted on aluminum, diasec
Cheong, Kwang-Ho
(Left) The Leaf /
(Right) The Flower 55148

copper wire, 2000, 2005
Choi, Insu
Dance of Time-9
pastel, 2006
Kim, Hong-Ju
acrylic on canvas, 2005
Kim, Jongku
Mobile Landscape in Hawaii
CC camera, steel powder, 2003
Kim, Taek-Sang
water, acrylic,
matt varnish on canvas, 2004
Lee, Jae-Hyo
wood, 2006
Lee, Jae-Sam
Beyond Forest
charcoal, acrylic on canvas, 2003
Moon, Beom
Slow, Same, #29245
acrylic, oil, urethane on panel, 2005
Toh, Yun-Hee
The Two Silences of Heaven and Earth were Being Linked
oil & pencil with varnish on canvas, 2004
Won, In-Jong
welded wire and pencil drawing, 2006
Yi, Gee-Chil
Work V-ll . VI-III
natural stone, 1997
The twelve living artists presented in this exhibition were specifically selected to display both the dynamics and diversity of their work within the context of the title: "Simply Beautiful: Breath of Nature in Contemporary Korean Art". They all recognize that art is not a continual reproduction or imitation of static forms and as true artists they must continually breathe new life and creativity into their endeavors. Accordingly, they have constantly strived to find expression in a variety of ways that reflect the past, mirror the present and envision the future. They possess strong emotional and spiritual ties to their native landscape and culture and draw from Korean aesthetics to sustain, complement and further their contemporary.
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