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Laurence Geoffrey’s has been proud partners of SONGEUN since 2010. We curate and manage every aspect of the space, seamlessly navigating exhibition planning and orchestrating special projects and collaborations.

The SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation was established by the late honorary Chairman of ST International (previously SAMTAN), Mr. Sung-Yeon Yoo in 1989.  He dreamed of becoming an artist in his youth which unfortunately could not be realized under the harsh circumstances of the Korean War.  However, later in Chairman Yoo’s life and career that was driven by his strong aspirations for art, the SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation was created to support talented Korean contemporary artists. The name of the foundation is derived from Chairman Yoo’s nom de plume, Song Eun, which translates beautifully as ‘hidden pine tree’ and appropriately captures his spirit and wish to be a hidden, yet solid foundation for aspiring artists.


Since 1999, his son Sang-Duck Yoo has led the family business and foundation.  In honor of his father as well as his own passion for art, Chairman Sang-Duck Yoo established the annual SongEun ArtAward in 2001 and the SongEun ArtCube in 2002. In November 2010, the expansion into a new building specifically designed for art exhibitions and events not only reflects the current chairman’s steadfast commitment to arts and culture, but further provides the foundation with the necessary infrastructure to elevate and expand its ability to give artists greater opportunities to show their work and to provide the public more access to the contemporary art scene.

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